Game Clips: “Friday the 13th,” “Husk”

Though the second “Friday the 13th” film reboot and The CW series based on the franchise have both stalled in development, a new video game about Jason Voorhees seems to be in the way and was teased at PAX East in Boston. Shot from the POV of the victim, the first in-engine clip from “Friday the 13th: The Game” is brief but gives you can idea of what to expect.

In the game, one player will get to be Jason, while other players joining the game will serve as the camp counselors. The goal for anyone not playing Jason is to hide or get past the killer without getting caught. The game hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year.

In other horror game news, the first footage is out from the atmospheric horror tale “Husk” is out. Inspired by the likes of “Alan Wake” and “Silent Hill”, and created by the developers of “Kholat,” the story follows a man in search of his family after a train crash and finds himself stranded in a seemingly abandoned town called Shivercliff. No word when the game will be released.