Galaxy Quest Star Doesn’t Want A Sequel

When it came to sci-fi satire in the 1980s and 1990s, the options were thin on the ground with only the BBC’s “Red Dwarf”, the “Space Quest” games, and a brilliant film every now and then like “Spaceballs” or the first “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to tide one over.

One of those great films was 1999’s “Galaxy Quest” which became an instant classic amongst the demographic it targeted, and in the fifteen years since its release there’s been the occasional call for a sequel.

However one of the starts of the original, Enrico Colantoni who played the alien leader Mathesar, has revealed that he for one hopes a follow-up doesn’t happen. He tells io9:

“I hope not. I think it’s a great movie all by itself. It stands alone, and to make something up, just because we love those characters, and turn it into a sequel – then it becomes the awful sequel. [Laughs] That’s just my personal opinion. I think it’s perfect just the way it is. It’s standing the test of time. People are rediscovering it. New generations are discovering it again and again, and it’s just perfect. Unless they can make it as good as the first one, which I don’t know how [you could do that].”

Known for his work on the likes of “Just Shoot Me” and “Veronica Mars,” Colantoni can be currently seen in CBS’ “Person of Interest”.