“Galaga” Series Gets An Interactive Experience

Nutty Entertainment and Meow Wolf have revealed that on top of the previously announced animated series, the classic arcade video game “Galaga” is returning in the form of a “fully immersive interactive experience”.

The gamed Bandai Namco Entertainment video game has players controlling a star fighter that shoots down housefly-like aliens in outer space that randomly fly in different formations. During San Diego Comic-Con came word the property was being revived as an animated series.

Now comes further details about “Galaga Chronicles | Revolution Age” which will be an anime-inspired and allow viewers to play along to the series as the plan is to bridge the animated content from the series with physical exhibitions, merchandise, and live media tying into a new, annual gaming competition series ‘Score Wars’ launched at the Galaga World Championship in Santa Fe in March.

Meow Wolf were responsible for a massive interactive installation called the ‘House of Eternal Return’, a 20,000 square foot exhibit space built by 135 artists that took participants through secret passageways and rooms to solve a non-linear, supernatural mystery.

Source: Slashfilm