Galactica, Supernatural & TV News

As we head into the fourth week of the new Fall TV season, one surprising move so far has been the lack of cancellations of failing new series.

With a potential writers strike only a fortnight away, networks have been busy stockpiling scripts for upcoming episodes of all their shows to last out the work stoppage.

The side effect is that some shows are getting more of a chance than they would normally have to establish an audience. No breakthrough hits (ala Heroes, Lost, CSI) have emerged this year, others premiered well but tapered off quickly, and one or two are actually gaining an audience (notably NBC’s “Chuck”). Most however are actually performing strongly enough that more scripts are being ordered.

The downside though is that once the strike is over, expect the axe to fall fast and hard. Despite not doing so well ratings wise, The CW’s “Gossip Girl” has been getting a lot of online buzz and has become the only show of the Fall so far to get a full season order.

Otherwise there’s been some interesting revelations about some upcoming shows, here’s a look at the key small screen news this week:

New Amsterdam: Two projects about immortal detectives were set to debut this season. One, “Moonlight,” has already aired several episodes on CBS to mixed reviews and sinking ratings. The other, “New Amsterdam,” was held back by Fox to mid-season.

Now it seems that show has been scrapped altogether despite half a dozen episodes already in the can and seven more on order. Claims are the storyline of the problematic show bears more than a striking resemblance to a 2003 novel, and so production has been put on hiatus whilst the network decides whether to continue with the remaining order or not.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Fox has announced that its “Terminator” spin-off series will debut January 14th and will be paired with the network’s hit series “24” on Monday nights – putting it in direct competition with ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” NBC’s “Chuck” and CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother.”

Supernatural: Executive producer Eric Kripke confirms that Friday the 13th’s hockey masked wearing killer Jason Vorhees will make an appearance in this season’s tenth episode. Kripe says “We have cleared the rights to actually use Jason. We have a twist on it so it is not really Jason out there, but we found an interesting way to bring him in so Sam and Dean fight Jason from Friday the 13th”.

Battlestar Galactica: BIG SPOILER alert. Its been already stated that President Roselin wouldn’t make it to Earth, so the question many fans have wondered is when the character will be killed off.

Now, Sy-Fy Portal reports that actress Mary McDonnell revealed to some fans on the weekend that she has three episodes left to film on the show.

Not including ‘Razor,’ eight episodes of the fourth season have wrapped production which would put her departure around episode 11 or 12, the mid-season two parter.