Galactica Secrets From SDCC

The panel for “Battlestar Galactica” at this year’s San Diego Comic Con brought up lots of little key bits of information. TV Guide has run a breakdown of the key new spoilers garnered from the presentation:

-Cylon D’Anna, played by Lucy Lawless, will return midseason for two or three episodes and would be a part of a pivotal moment in the series that will effect the season’s second half.

-The identity of the fifth and final Cylon will be revealed late in the series, maybe even the final episode.

-Lots of Adama-Starbuck conflict will drive this season, especially the first episode.

-Baltar’s arc will be “shocking and thrilling” and he hasn’t had many scenes with Number Six this year.

-Moore is hoping to bring back lawyer Romo Lampkin from the season three finale.

-Having seen Earth, Starbuck will be played with heightened emotions and a new sense of purpose.

-Hera is crucial to the ongoing story and her arc will be concluded. heightened emotions.

-There are no plans to do a series of direct-to-DVD movies after “Battlestar” ends its run.