Galactica Last Season Official

It doesn’t come as a surprise, but still it’s disappointing to hear that the upcoming fourth season “Battlestar Galactica” will definitely be the last.

Stars Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff told The IESB at the Saturn Awards Thursday night that the SciFi Channel will officially pull the plug on the show following its fourth season, which begins in January.

Olmos says “This will probably be the most extraordinary season of ‘Battlestar’. It’s the final season, so it’s definitely going to be the most vicious. As far as we know, in respects of the way we have this show constructed, this is the final season.”

Sackhoff says “I think part of the problem is that it’s an expensive show. It is [a great show], but we don’t have the viewership that a great show should get.”