Galactica Gets Three-Part Finale

The acclaimed cable series “Battlestar Galactica” is set to end with a three-part episode says SyFy Portal.

The series, which just aired the fifteenth episode of the fourth season last Friday, has extended its annual twenty episode run to twenty-one for the big send-off.

The nineteenth episode kicks off the three-parter entitled ‘Daybreak’ on March 13th at 10pm US-EST.

That episode will be repeated at 8pm the following Friday on March 20th, back-to-back with the remaining two-parts which will be aired together starting at 9pm US-EST.

This allows those who want to watch it straight through to do just that. Sources at SciFi Channel expect it could draw some of the biggest numbers the network has seen for not only the signature series, but scripted programming as a whole.