Galactica Finale Wrap-Up Scoops

**** SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t seen this Sunday’s third season finale of “Battlestar Galactica” ****

Well the season is over til January 2008 (not including the upcoming Fall mini-series), but some of the crew have talked about the finale’s revelations, what they mean and what could be in store next.

First up, the return of Starbuck (Katie Sackhoff). Producer Ron Moore won’t confirm or deny if she is a vision, but he has confirmed she is signed and will be back next season. However her apparent death three weeks ago was followed up with in interviews in which she begrudgingly admitted she’s now out seeking other work. Was it all a ruse?

Moore explains to TV Week that “We were trying to walk a very fine line. She was very careful how she phrased it. We wanted people to feel the loss. We didn’t want to put Katie in the position of lying to people. She did look for other work and is getting other work — just other work that won’t interfere with her “Battlestar” commitments.”

Those who think the twist with Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Tori being four of the final five Cylons is more than it seems? Doesn’t seem so. Moore tells the Post Gazette that “These are four of the final five, which puts them in a separate category from everybody else…They are fundamentally different Cylons… There are reasons for that I can’t really get into. We’ll be playing out those plot lines for quite a while.”

They plan to explore the impact of the other half-Cylon baby – Tyrol & Cally’s child. Don’t expect any simple answers though regarding the four – “A lot of the specifics of the back story of how this came about will reveal itself over the course of the next season”

Despite Kara’s re-appearance she is NOT the fifth Cylon it seems. Moore says he thinks we will meet the last Cylon model next season. He also adds that the vision D’Anna had mid-season (where she apologised to one of the final five whom she recognised) will get more exploration – “We’re developing a storyline dealing with D’Anna and what she saw and who she was talking to. We haven’t talked to [Lucy Lawless] about it and she was just cast in a pilot, which makes it tricky. But it’s something we would like to look at.”

The mini-series will feature the whole cast, and “There is a tie from these episodes into the events in season four. … It’s an opportunity to set up something for the fourth season that had not been told to the audience and that the characters themselves hadn’t realized, and then go into the fourth season”.

Will the fourth season be the last? “I think the series has a built-in ending. The series is about the search for Earth and when the time comes, I fully expect we will resolve that one way or another.” Moore says the story is now definitely in its third act and has “two chapters” left to it. Thus the decision will be how far to stretch those two chapters.

“It will come up in this fourth season kind of quickly where we’ll have to decide whether this is the last season. The network has made it clear they will take their cues from us if we say we’re ready to end the show. David Eick and I have conversations about that and we’re pretty close to a decision” he adds.

Finally “Caprica”, the spin-off series, is ‘back in development’ with the pilot not being picked up. Is It over then? “No one is saying it’s over, but we’re also not going forward at this moment.”