Gaiman Plans A Multiverse Skyscraper Series

20th Century Fox TV has begun development of the “Sliders”-esque drama series “The Building” with the help of fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman and based on the indie digital film “Parallels” which was a big success on Netflix.

Written by Albert Kim and Chris Leone, the latter who penned and directed the original film, the story involves a large skyscraper that moves between alternate realities. A group of young urban explorers who are in the building and suddenly find themselves on an Earth wherein Reagan was not elected and Russia dropped the bomb.

They then figure out they have a limited amount of time to figure out where they are and rescue members of their team before the building shifts again to another reality. They realize that this Earth is also different from where they started and getting back may be impossible.

The series version will explore the origin of the building, who built it and why, what happens on each floor and how, if at all possible, do they get back to their original Earth. Gaiman, Leone, Don Murphy and Susan Montford will executive produce with Kim who will serve as showrunner.

Source: Deadline