Gaiman, Levitt Meet About “Sandman”

Where are things at the moment with the long-gestating film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s classic DC/Vertigo comic series “Sandman” at Warner Bros. Pictures?

At last report, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was developing the property as a potential starring and directing vehicle. Now, Gaiman himself has spoken about where the project stands at a recent festival appearance (via CBM:

“Joseph Gordon-Levitt, of all people, is an enormous ‘Sandman’ fan. He and David Goyer talked about it, they’ve come up, I believe, with a treatment of what they want the story of the first movie to be.

They are talking to an incredible writer [Jack Thorne], who I coincidentally already knew, because he did the movie script for ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane,’ so I’ve met him and loved his treatment of my work. And Wednesday afternoon I will be spending with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and talking ‘Sandman’! That’s pretty much everything I know. Now you know as much as I know.”

Gaiman has previously expressed displeasure with scripts that Warners had done based on the comic, saying he’d rather see no “Sandman” film than a bad one.