Gaeta Rules “Galactica” Webisodes

Though he hasn’t had near the screen time of Apollo, Starbuck, Baltar or the like – one of quiet achievers of “Battlestar Galactica” has been Canadian actor Alessandro Juliani’s Lt. Felix Gaeta character.

Now he’s set to be the star of ‘The Face of the Enemy’, a series of ten Galactica webisodes kicking off on December 12th that take place before the events in the second half of the fourth season which begins airing mid-January.

According to Sci-Fi Wire, the story has Gaeta sent off in a Raptor with a handful of strangers and one of them mysteriously dies. The psychological human-vs.-Cylon struggle is played out in the restrictive confines of a Raptor as everyone is a suspect, and paranoia sets in among the group.

What’s really got everyone talking though is that Gaeta and former Pegasus communications officer Lt. Hoshi (Brad Dryborough) either become or already are involved and “indulge in a full-on make-out session” as early as the first webisode. Cast regulars Grace Park and Michael Hogan also appear.

Meanwhile the Sci-Fi Channel has greenlit “Caprica,” the much-anticipated prequel series reports Variety. The series will focus on the Earthlike planet of Caprica as two rival families deal with, among other topical issues, the broader implications of their society’s emerging artificial intelligence technology sector.

An early 2010 premiere is planned for the series, with production starting around the middle of next year.