G.I. Joe 3 Getting Twins, “MASK” Character?

Villainous Corsican COBRA twins Tomax and Xamot, and “M.A.S.K.” character Matt Trakker, are all rumored to feature in the upcoming third film in the “G.I. Joe” franchise says Film Divider.

Tomax and Xamot, aka. the Crimson Twins, featured in both the cartoon and the comic books as the co-leaders of Cobra’s elite troops. They will serve as villains in the new film, with one actor said to be sought for both roles.

Matt Trakker comes from a whole different franchise, Kenner’s “M.A.S.K. “, which Hasbro purchased. Tracker even got his own G.I. Joe action figure at one point. D.J. Caruso is slated to helm the film.

Source: Film Divider