“Fyre” Doco Breakout Andy King Plans TV Project

Fyre Doco Breakout Andy King Plans Tv Project

High-profile event producer Andy King has struck a talent deal with Spoke Studios (“River of No Return”) which will see him front his own TV project.

King was the breakout star of Netflix’s “Fyre” documentary about the ill-fated Fyre Music Festival and admitted he was asked by the festival’s organiser Billy McFarland to perform oral sex on a customs official in order to secure a large quantity of Evian water for the festival.

The openly gay King was shocked by the request but was prepared to do so, even though ultimately he didn’t have to go through with it. The comments quickly became an online meme and made the businessman famous overnight, many admiring his sense of humor about the whole thing, his frankness and how he was one of the few calm voices of logic and reason in the otherwise imploding clusterf–k that was Fyre.

Spoke is currently shopping a TV series featuring King to a range of broadcasters and platforms, the plan is to leverage his talent and brand experience across genres from original talk shows, unscripted series and podcasts – essentially make him akin to Tim Gunn but in the world of event production rather than fashion.

King has worked with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio to The Rolling Stones and events ranging from Oscar galas to a party for the world’s largest ferris wheel at Caesars Palace. Producer Mark Allen Johnson is partnering with King.

Source: Deadline