FXX Sets 600-Episode “Simpsons” Marathon

FXX has announced plans for what is set to be the longest marathon in television history.

Kicking off on Thanksgiving Day on November 24th and running thirteen days through December 6th, the cable network will run a 27 season, 600 episode marathon of “The Simpsons”.

The marathon will air in chronological order, beginning with the 1989 Simpsons Christmas special and run through to the season finale of the most recent season which aired back in May.

This will also beat the previous record held by FXX with its 552-episode, twelve-day “Simpsons” marathon in August 2014 which pushed the network to become cable’s top network throughout its near two-week run.

FOX will debut the show’s record 28th season this Sunday, September 25th with the premiere episode featuring Amy Schumer as the featured guest voice. There’s also an “Adventure Time”-themed opening credits for that premiere which you can see below:

Source: FXX