FX’s “Terriers” Could Score A Revival

FX’s critically acclaimed and cancelled before its time series “Terriers” may be making a comeback. The series followed an ex-cop and ex-con who start a P.I. business and was canned after one season, even though it has since become a major cult favorite.

Speaking at the ATX Festival this weekend, show producers Ted Griffin and Shawn Ryan teased that the show could be returning. He tells Deadline:

“We may have investigated [a revival]. I think we would like to make a movie. And I think we have the idea sort of what we’d want to do, we just need to clear it with Fox. There’s a couple of things we’d have to clear. Fox has the rights. This is the kind of show where I feel like if [stars] Donal [Logue] and Mikey [Raymond-James] were up to it and Ted had the story he wanted to tell this is the world we would definitely revisit, given the opportunity.”

Logue is a series regular on FOX’s “Gotham” so his commitments to that may interfere with his ability to star should such a project go forward.