FX Plans A “Rasputin” TV Event Series

FX has begun development of an event series about Rasputin, the Russian peasant turned mystic who became an advisor to the Imperial family the Romanovs in the early 20th century.

Rasputin’s influence, partly due to his ability to treat the hemophilia of Tsar Nicholas II’s son, grew to the point that rivals tried several times to kill him (and succeeded in 1916).

Tales of black magic and sexual deviancy surrounded him while his involvement with the Romanovas gave ammunition to the rising Bolshevik movement which ultimately lead to the end of the Russian Empire.

The series aims to explore the controversial man and figure out the truth behind the folklore. “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring will pen the script based on Douglas Smith’s upcoming book, while filmmaker Shekhar Kapur (“Elizabeth,” “The Four Feathers”) is set to direct and executive produce.

Source: Vulture