FX Chief Says That “Fargo” May Be Over

FX is one of the few networks that doesn’t demand its creators stick to a preset schedule. The upside of this approach is that those involved are given time to take breaks, recharge their creative batteries and deliver some of the most critically acclaimed shows on television.

The downside? Long gaps between seasons and a potential farewell to every show with each new season as showrunners move on to other stuff tht excites them more. That may be the case with their anthlogy drama “Fargo” today.

FX chief John Landgraf tells THR that Noah Hawley’s highly regarded anthology series take on the Coen Brothers film may be over:

“There may never be another ‘Fargo’. Unless [creator Noah Hawley] has an idea for ‘Fargo’ that he thinks he can make as good as the prior three. I think once people get to the end of this [season] they will find that it is thematically different. It’s really about the moment we live in now.”

Hawley is busy with his other FX series “Legion” and has numerous feature film projects in the works which means even if the show is not over, expect probably more than two year gap we saw between the second and current third seasons.