FX Chief On “Deadpool” Animated Series Status

FX CEO John Landgraf has revealed that “Atlanta” creators Donald Glover and his brother Stephen Glover have been writing the network’s animated “Deadpool” series whilst Donald has been working on the young “Han Solo” spin-off.

Talking about the actor/rapper’s crazy schedule, Landgraf revealed how it will all work:

“They had a staff working in London while Donald was shooting Star Wars. He wrote the second season of Atlanta before London, had a staff in London, he’s coming back to shoot Atlanta season 2 and simultaneously we’ll be animating Deadpool.

Working with talent, you don’t want to squelch their [opportunities]. You don’t want to say don’t do the Star Wars movie and play the first African-American character in cinema who inspired you when you were young. You want to figure it out so we juggle people’s schedules.”

Landgraf says the animated “Deadpool” series will stand alone from the movies and be “really different” with a “different tone and editorial voice”. The network has picked it up to series, but they haven’t worked out when it will go to air at this point.

Source: Slashfilm