FX Chief Explains “Shogun” Production Stall

Fxs Shogun Stalls Fargo S4 Gearing Up

Last summer, FX gave the go-ahead for a new event series adaptation of James Clavell’s best-selling novel “Shogun”.

Set in feudal Japan, the story charts the collision of three figures – a risk-taking English sailor shipwrecked in Japan, the shrewd and powerful daimyo Lord Toranaga, and the outcast but highly skilled Lady Mariko. The property was previously adapted for TV back in the 1980s.

While several Japanese actors have been cast in the new version, the network recently made a decision to postpone the project and now FX CEO John Landgraf explains to Deadline where things stand at the moment:

“We were heading towards production – still are by the way, I would still call this a project that is in active pre-production. We just didn’t think it was in a good enough shape. Our bottom line was – we just said, we need to slow down and we’ve got to aim higher.”

The extra time is reportedly being used for more work on the scripts and filming logistics for the ten-episode series which will shoot in the U.K. and Japan and is reportedly taking great strides to be as authentic as possible.