Future Past Nearly Had Two Wolverines

Press rounds for the now in cinemas “Kingsman: The Secret Service” are finishing up, and the film’s director Matthew Vaughn is giving his last few interviews before moving onto his next project.

One topic that did come up in a recent interview with MTV was last year’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Vaughn was slated to helm that film following his work directing “X-Men: First Class,” but he opted instead to tackle ‘Kingsman’ and only produce ‘Days’.

Had Vaughn stuck with it though, he reveals that the film could have seen a new and younger actor taking on the role of Wolverine before teaming him up with Hugh Jackman in the next film:

“I had a whole different idea of how X-Men should go. I thought ‘Days of Future Past’ should be the next one and be set in the ’80s. So, when I wrote the treatment, I then wrote Kingsman and got confused about which film I should direct next. The I said to Fox, ‘Let me do Kingsman now, get somebody else in and we’ll do the ’70s version, recast Wolverine, and then we do Days of Future Past with the new Wolverine AND Hugh, and make it the biggest spectacle we’ve ever seen.”

At present, Jackman is not yet confirmed to be appearing in the 1980s-set “X-Men: Apocalypse,” though he is expected to pop up in a third solo “Wolverine” film currently in the works.