“Fury Road” Tops Aussie 21st Century Film Poll

“Mad Max: Fury Road” has been named the best Australian movie of the century in a new poll conducted by Australian film online outlet Flicks.com.au. The site surveyed a total of 51 Australian film critics with 26 of them being men and 25 women along with critics of varying race, ethnicities and sexualities in order to get a diverse range of opinion. It also made it the largest poll of Australian movie critics in history.

Along with myself Garth Franklin, other critics that participated included the likes of Margaret Pomeranz, Leigh Paatsch, Vicky Roach, Luke Buckmaster, Sandra Hall, Jason Di Rosso, Maria Lewis, Blake Howard, Glenn Dunks, Zak Hepburn, Travis Johnson, Stephen Russell, David Stratton, Sarah Ward, Sophie Ly, Alicia Malone, Lisa Malouf, Simon Miraudo, Lee Zachariah and many more.

Critics submitted their own personal Top 10s, all of which can be read here, and via a scoring a system a Top 25 list was assembled. Here’s a short part of that list – the Top 10 itself:

1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
2. Animal Kingdom (2010)
3. Samson and Delilah (2009)
4. Chopper (2000)
5. Lantana (2001)
6. The Babadook (2014)
7. The Proposition (2005)
8. Sweet Country (2017)
9. Snowtown (2011)
10. Mystery Road (2011)

Sitting just outside the Top 10, but making the Top 25, were the likes of “Moulin Rouge,” “The Dish,” “Lion,” “Noise,” “Predestination,” “Wolf Creek” and “Hacksaw Ridge”. You can read the full list along with several analysis and breakdown pieces by clicking here.