Fury Road May Return To Cinemas In B&W

Going into the awards season this year it was thought that George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” would likely score only some notice despite all the critical acclaim. Even with all the bravura filmmaking on display in the film, a down-and-dirty genre action blockbuster sequel is the kind of movie that rarely gets recognition from these often elitist groups.

Which is why it has been such a pleasure that the film has emerged as a front runner, the only real challenger being Tom McCarthy’s very different but superb “Spotlight”. Things are going so well that an old idea that Miller suggested back during promotional rounds for the film may be dusted off as part of a planned re-release.

At the time, Miller spoke at length about cutting a black-and-white version of the movie, which was his original intent for the film. He was pushing that the studio would make said cut available on the home video release.

While that didn’t happen, Screen Daily today says that an official black-and-white version does exist and producer Doug Mitchell is suggesting that the B&W cut could score a limited release event screening sometime next year.