Fury Road Goes B&W In “Chrome” Edition

Since its release, filmmaker George Miller has been saying that his preferred version of his Oscar winning action feature “Mad Max: Fury Road” is a black-and-white cut that he put together during the film’s editing stage.

That version didn’t make the screen but he and the film’s fans hoped it would make the light of day sometime down the track on disc. So far Warners Home Entertainment has yet to make it happen, but a new listing on Amazon Germany (via Refocused Media) suggests that this monochrome version is finally on the way.

The retail site has a link for the “Mad Max: High Octane Collection,” a six-disc set hitting this Fall that includes all four of the “Mad Max” films, a new one-hour doco about ‘Fury Road,’ and what’s dubbed the “Black and Chrome” version of the film which they describe as “the surreal black and white film version of ‘Fury Road’.”

There’s no word yet on a U.S. release, though it’s a good guess it will be available in other markets around the same time.