Fury Road Gets An R, Miller Talks Mel

Director George Miller is not pussy footing around when it comes to his upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road” film. Despite so many modern sequels or reboots of R-rated 1980s action franchises opting to go PG-13, Max Rockatansky won’t suffer the same fate.

The MPAA has given “Mad Max: Fury Road” an R rating for “intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images”. That seems to ensure Miller’s legacy of the previous films will remain intact here.

In regards to the previous films, Miller spoke with The Huffington Post recently about how there originally were plans to include Gibson in some capacity as an older Max – but the time ultimately passed:

“We were going to do it with Mel and we were within reach of doing it with Mel. Then 9/11 happened and the American dollar fell against the Australian dollar. The budget ballooned. … By the time we were ready for Fury Road again, Mel had all those troubles. It also definitely got to the stage where it wasn’t like Unforgiven, where it plays with an older guy. It was definitely the younger guy, the same guy.”

Finally, a new Japanese trailer for the film has gone up which you can see below. The movie opens May 15th.