“Fury Road” Black & White Finally Coming

After much teasing of it, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment have finally announced the “Mad Max: Fury Road Black & Chrome Edition” for release on home video on December 6th. The two film collection includes the theatrical version of the film, and a specially remastered black and white with an introduction by George Miller describing his vision.

At the same time WBHE will release the “Mad Max High Octane Collection,” a four film box-set for Blu-ray and DVD containing all the Mad Max films in one-collection along with the aforementioned Black & Chrome edition of ‘Fury Road’, and for the Blu-ray set the 4K-Ultra HD version and UV Digital Copy version of the regular ‘Fury Road’ chucked in as well.

The collection will also include the new featurette “Road War” which talks about the production of “The Road Warrior,” and the previously released feature length documentary “Madness of Max”.