Further Details On The “Deadpool 2” Split

Earlier this morning came a report, which has since been confirmed twice, that “Deadpool” director Tim Miller is leaving that film franchise’s sequel over a series of creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. Miller hadn’t signed a formal deal for the next film but was reportedly working on the script and getting things moving.

Now, The Wrap has gone into the details of what those creative differences were. Miller reportedly wanted the second film to be more stylised, while star and producer Reynolds wanted to keep the raunchy and fourth-wall-breaking comedy approach of the first film.

Things came to a head regarding the casting of Cable. Kyle Chandler was Miller’s choice, Reynolds didn’t want him for the part and the studio sided with the star because his renegotiated contract includes casting approval.

Miller was a key in making the first film such a massive success, apparently he’s the one that leaked the CG test footage in 2014 that got the whole project moving in the first place and saw it pull in a $780 million worldwide gross which also recharged Reynolds’ career. Miller’s exit on Friday was said to be amicable with the director is jumping into another project at the studio, “Influx”.