Further Details On Doomsday

The Scotsman has gone into detail on the plot for “Doomsday,” the currently filming next project of Director Neil Marshall (“The Descent,” “Dog Soliders”).

Here’s the official breakdown: “Scotland has been cut off from the outside world for about 30 years, following the outbreak of a deadly virus, caused by genetic tampering.

Hadrian’s Wall has been rebuilt to keep the Scots out of England. But the Scots have a cure for the virus, and when England is threatened by a new outbreak, a crack military team goes over the wall to get it, led by Rhona Mitra.

Marshall himself adds some more details to the story – “She goes through from the wall up to Glasgow and then farther north. The farther north she gets, the more back in time she goes. It’s like a Heart Of Darkness journey.

There’s a Kurtz character (Malcolm McDowell) running a feudal society and living in a castle. He used to be a scientist – he’s the guy who found the cure and he’s taken on this kind of God-like stature up there.”