Further Before Sunrise Films?

So it’s not a major franchise, but Richard Linklater’s romantic indie dramas “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” have built a large cult following in recent years. So much so, those involved are asked about a third entry.

The second film, “Before Sunset,” ended with Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in Celine’s (Julie Delpy) Parisian apartment, listening to the love that got away sing along with a record. “Baby, you are gonna miss that plane,” she says. “I know,” Jesse replies.

So what would’ve happened next? Hawke tells MTV News that “We had an idea but [it’s] not going to happen, a pretty good outline of what the next one was going to be. But we would need to be in production right now, because we wanted to pick up right where we left off. Rick wanted to do a short film that was just two weeks later. Time goes by so fast.”

Still, even if it doesn’t come together soon, Hawke still plans to revisit the characters – “I’m starting to think the third one may be when we’re 60. [But] I’ll be shocked if we never make another one.”