Furlong “Bummed Out” By “Terminator” Cameo

Furlong Bummed Out By Terminator Cameo


Ahead of release, it was revealed that actor Edward Furlong had done some body and facial scans for the Tim Miller directed “Terminator: Dark Fate,” suggesting his character would come back for a cameo in this year’s release.

When the film came out it was revealed – Furlong and Linda Hamilton were de-aged to look exactly like their “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” era appearances and living happily in Guatemala when a T-800 Terminator suddenly appears and kills John – even with Judgement Day being nullified.

The Terminator franchise is sci-fi royalty, particularly James Cameron’s original set of movies. Terminator 2 is widely considered the strongest entry in the property, so it made fans very happy that Dark Fate was a direct sequel to T2. This brought back the likes of Cameron, Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even John Connor actor Edward Furlong. Although it seems Furlong was bummed about the size of his role.

Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton were reunited for the very first scene of Terminator: Dark Fate. Picking up thee years after the events of Terminator 2, we follow Sarah and John living happily in Guatemala. But a T-800 Terminator suddenly appears and kills John, despite Judgement Day being avoided.

It’s the tiniest of cameos and the 42-year-old Furlong has now broken his silence about his brief role, telling Alex Leyba at a recent convention:

“They smoked my ass! That was the role. I did it for a day – I shot for one day. And, yeah, we did some CGI. They paid me. So, I mean, ya know. It kinda bums me out. Cause I’d love to do a whole one and make a shit-ton of money. I would love to do more, but we’ll see what happens.”

Unfortunately “Terminator: Dark Fate” failed to perform at the box office, with the franchise likely to remain dormant for some time to come.