Furious Scribe Talks Another Sequel

“Fast and Furious” screenwriter Chris Morgan tells MTV News that all the talk of another sequel is not just true, but things are moving quickly.

“It seems like there will definitely be another one. I just got out of a lunch with Universal, just pitching the story around. We were figuring out if we do another one, and what it would be. It has to come from the characters, so where are these characters after this film – what are they doing?” says Morgan.

If it happens, expect Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s characters to be very much a part of it – “We had been talking about [their reunion] as early back as ‘Tokyo Drift’. I knew I always wanted to revisit those characters, and I think the audience did, too. That’s what makes ‘Fast & Furious’ so cool. Not only did it happen to a subculture – and it’s easy to write the first movie off as a subculture that got exposed, and it’s true, but it’s more than that – they also did a great job with characters who you want to like and who you want to follow.”