Furious, “Poltergeist,” “Hitman” Trailers Coming

A bunch of new trailers are set to go online in the next few days, here’s the breakdown. As previously reported, later this morning sees the premiere of the first trailer for the upcoming sequel “Magic Mike XXL”.

That’s not all for today though. An e-mail from Universal Pictures International has confirmed that the brand new 2min 26sec full-length trailer for “Furious 7” will be launched online at 9:15pm US-PST tonight.

On top of that, the official Twitter account for 20th Century Fox’s “Poltergeist” remake has confirmed that the 2min 16sec first trailer for that film is set to go online on Thursday.

Finally, 20th Century Fox is expected to debut the 2min 25sec first trailer for “Hitman: Agent 47” sometime in the next week. Said trailer was recently listed on the Alberta Film Ratings Board’s classified trailers page.