Fuqua Wants Denzel For New “Scarface”

Fuqua Wants Denzel For New Scarface

“The Equalizer” and “Training Day” filmmaker Antoine Fuqua spoke with THR this week about his upcoming planned remake of “Scarface” and was asked whom his dream casting for the role would be.

Turns out it’s his regular collaborator Denzel Washington, but the actor is hesitant. Fuqua says: “My dream is for him to be Scarface. He laughs sometimes and he kind of goes ‘(Al) Pacino did a great job! I don’t want to do that.’ [I’m still] trying to nudge him into doing it.”

The new film will mark the third adaptation of Armitage Trail’s novel about the rise and fall of a gangster. Howard Hawks and Brian De Palma helmed the previous two film adaptations in 1932 and 1983 with the latter set in Miami and starring Al Pacino as a Cuban immigrant. The newest adaptation is said to take place in a contemporary Los Angeles setting and will be produced by Dylan Clark.

Fuqua also says he and Denzel are also both on board to make a third “The Equalizer” but nothing is yet set. If it were to happen though, the plan would be to shift the action to an international setting. The second film opened the other week to $36 million, exceeding both studio and industry expectations.