Funny Games Remake Shot-For-Shot

Since the failure of 1998’s “Psycho”, the idea of shot-for-shot remakes of films have been pushed to the back burner. Now it seems they’re coming back around again, albeit with a different purpose.

Last year it was revealed that Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt were attached to “Funny Games,” an American remake of Michael Haneke’s 1997 Austrian home invasion thriller film which Haneke himself would direct. The film went into production and is slated for release sometime this Fall.

Now, Arrow in the Head talked with producer Linda Moran who confirmed that “It is literally a shot-for-shot remake…so we haven’t changed the ending or anything like that…We actually had blueprints from the house that was used in the original, and we went on a soundstage and built a set that matched those proportions exactly.”

So will there be any differences? “You’ll probably find that the look will be different; the compositions probably won’t be changed much, but since Darius Khondji (“Se7en”) shot it and he’s such a great cinematographer, the images are going to be a little more lush, where the original is really dark-looking.”

So now the question has to be asked, if its going to be the exact same film – why bother?