Full Trailer: “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”

Milla Jovovich and director Paul W. S. Anderson were on hand to introduce the full trailer for the sixth and final film in the “Resident Evil” franchise – “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”.

The pair swear this is the last entry, Jovovich even joking about ‘The Final Chapter Part Two,’ and it does seem the film is making big strides to take things back to the original Raccoon City-set setting of the 2002 original film adaptation. They also say that, despite the action centric nature of the trailer, the film is also skewing back towards the more horror-centric roots of the first film.

Ali Larter, Iain Glen, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, William Levy, Fraser James, and Rola also star in the film which opens January 27th.