Full Trailer: “Point Break”

Kathryn Bigelow delivered one of the great ‘bro’ movies of the 1990s with the original “Point Break”. Complete with eminently quotable dialogue, simmering homoeroticism and just plain fun, it remains a thoroughly enjoyable piece of trash escapism driven by a charismatic cast and her astute style.

If there’s one thing to say about the remake is that it certainly won’t be mistaken for the former. Gone is the warm California beach visuals of the first film, replaced with mostly forested rocky mountains and a filter that makes the entire film look like it was shot on an extremely overcast day.

The new “Point Break,” directed by “Invincible” helmer Ericson Core, puts the focus more on the stuntwork which is impressive. Giant wave surfing, free rock climbing, wing suit flying and snowboarding are all on display in the just released first trailer for the film and though impressive, the bigger question is regarding the structure of the movie supporting those Redbull challenge-style set pieces.

Unfortunately that doesn’t look so compelling. Edgar Ramirez brings his usual charisma as a very different Bodhi, but he’s about the only one. Australians Luke Bracey and Teresa Palmer take on the Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty roles this time around, with Bracey in particular proving strangely underwhelming in this first glimpse. There is a cute nod though with the original film’s James Le Gros popping up in an FBI briefing early in the clip.

The new “Point Break” is slated to hit at Christmas.