Full Trailer: Netflix’s Mystery Thriller “The I-Land”

Full Trailer Netflixs Mystery Thriller The I Land

Netflix has released the full trailer for its seven-episode mystery survival thriller series “The I-Land” starring Kate Bosworth, Alex Pettyfer, Natalie Martinez, Ronald Peet, Kyle Schmid, Kota Eberhardt, Sibylla Deen, Anthony Lee Medina, Gilles Geary and Michele Veintimilla.

In the series, ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memory of who they are or how they got there, they set off on a trek to try to get back home. They soon discover this world is not as it seems. It’s “Lost with influencers” as the streamer dubs it.

“The I-Land” is somewhat designed to be binge-watched and all episodes will be made available at once for when the series premieres September 12th.