Full Trailer For “Atlas Shrugged” Sequel

As political arguments both on the podiums and in homes fire up in the United States ahead of the federal election, The Wall Street Journal has released the first full trailer for the upcoming independently produced and pro-Objectivism feature “Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Strike”.

The second of a proposed trilogy of films based on Ayn Rand’s seminal 1957 novel, the film continues the story where last year’s predecessor left off. In a strange move, every single on screen role has been recast so audiences will have to adjust to all new faces for the various characters.

Shot for $20 million, the first film closed up with just $4.6 million in box-office and $2.8 million in disc sales, a disappointment to say the least. The film’s failure was one of free-market economics – audiences took a page from Rand’s own teachings and, acting in their own self-rational interest, stayed away from it in droves.

Pressing on, producer John Aglialoro has managed to up the budget to $25 million and is timing the release to take advantage of the upcoming election season with the movie set to hit theatres on October 12th.

The trailer itself will play well with some, and seem like a skit from The Onion to others. It portrays the U.S. Government as a well organised and efficient machine that essentially has enslaved the population.

Big business on the other hand are seen as the underdog ‘Rebel Alliance’ of sorts – kindly, well-groomed, altruistic folk who want to set the populous free and invest in clean energy. Added to the mix is a CG plane crash, anti-capitalist and pro-gun one-liners, uplifting music and a young female entrepreneur fighting for her right to make profit.

It certainly has a “bigger” and more polished feel than the first film, but will it reach beyond the fan base? Only time will tell. The trailer is up at Apple Trailers.