Full Hellboy Sequel Cast Announced

Slashfilm has landed a short breakdown of the cast in the upcoming “Hellboy” sequel – “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army”. Amongst those on the list:

Ron Perlman is returning as Hellboy, Selma Blair as Liz Jones, and Doug Jones as Abe Sapien. Jones will also play three additional characters.

John Hurt returns for a cameo as Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, and the script contains a brief cameo/epilogue of the Kroenen character – but it hasn’t yet been approved by Universal.

Rupert Evans, who played new BPRD agent John Myers in the original, will not be returning.

As previously announced Roy Dotrice plays King Balor, Luke Goss will be Prince Nuada and Anna Walton will play Princess Nuala. Brian Steele will also play four characters.

Finally, and most interesting, is that John Alexander will provide the body and Thomas Kretschmann the voice of Johann Kraus, a disembodied ectoplasmic spirit with psychic abilities who maintains a tangible form via a containment suit.

Sadly no sign of Lobster Johnson, or the maniacal ‘head in a jar’ Professor Herman von Klempt.