Fukunaga Talks “True Detective” Season 2

After making a name for himself first with “Sin Nombre” and then his well-received “Jane Eyre” adaptation, filmmaker Cary Fukunaga came to the attention of many when he directed all eight episodes of HBO’s acclaimed first season of their detective anthology series “True Detective”.

In the wake of that success, Fukunaga shot the Idris Elba-led child soldier drama “Beasts of No Nation” and was slated to helm a two-film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” before dropping out of that project over what he said the other week were simply creative differences.

Talking to Variety about ‘Beasts’, he was asked about the second season of HBO’s “True Detective,” a season which has come under much fire for the subsequent drop in quality. Fukunaga was listed as executive producer but admits it was more a name credit than anything:

“I really wasn’t involved. My involvement in the second season was as much or as little as they needed me. It turns out they didn’t need me.

The whole pitch was that in a true anthology, we want to sit it on a shelf, and every season we have a new feature director and make this wonderful miniseries. I was going to be the first one. And I’d be there to shepherd as much as I could the following seasons. My departure was always planned.”

Fukunaga says he and executive producer and creator Nic Pizzolatto haven’t spoken since January but admits he was aware of a film director character in the second season that appeared to be caricaturing him – a claim Pizzolatto has previously denied. Fukunaga says with a laugh: “I have friends on the crew who told me about it. What’s there to make of it?.”

“Beasts of No Nation” is slated to premiere on Netflix and in cinemas on October 16th.