Frozen Audience Saw Explicit Sex Scenes

Every few years comes a media blowup about a crowd of kids and parents attending a screening of a G or PG-rated family film, only to be accidentally screened several minutes of something explicit or obscene.

A “Megamind” screening in 2010 saw a bunch of kids accidentally watching scenes from “Saw 3D”. Most memorably, a screening of “The Last Mimzy” in 2007 began with the gory opening of “The Hills Have Eyes 2” in which a chained woman graphically gives birth to a mutant baby born of the irradiated cannibals who raped her.

Nowhere near as extreme as that comes reports today that kids at a screening of Disney’s “Frozen” in Tampa Bay, Florida were exposed to “explicit sexual content” that ran for several minutes that was played before the film began.

The cinema was reportedly having technical difficulties and suddenly began playing the offending footage forcing parents to cover the eyes and ears of their children. The cinema reportedly offered free cinema tickets as compensation, but that reportedly didn’t go down well.

So what was the footage in question? According to Mosh News, one source claims it was that extended and unrated trailer that went online the other day for Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” which starts off with an extreme close-up of a vagina and gets naughtier from there.

Source: Gawker