From Youtube To “Technotise”

“Shutter Island” scribe and “Avatar” executive producer Laeta Kalogridis will shortly be taking a pitch out to studios for an English-language adaptation of the Serbian anime movie “Technotise” reports Wired.

What’s interesting here is that part of the reason the project is moving forward is due to a two-minute spec trailer created by Jaron Pitts, the man behind the fake but very professional trailer for a “Green Lantern” film that scored over two million hits on Youtube.

That ‘Lantern’ trailer caught the eye of producer Scott Glassgold last year after he had just acquired the remake rights to “Technotise”. He commissioned Pitts to create similar mock trailer for “Technotise” which went online in January and made various studios, producers and agents keen on developing the project.

Glassgold got in touch with Kalogridis who is “honing her pitch right now in preparation of us shopping it to studios”. The original mock “Technotise” trailer can be found online.