From Lex Luthor To Freddy Krueger

After playing Lex Luthor for seven years now on The CW’s “Smallville”, you’d think actor Michael Rosenbaum would be sick of playing a household name villain.

Not so according to Cinema Blend who’ve picked up the interesting rumor that Rosenbaum was seen out and about lunching with Michael Bay in Hollywood this past weekend, and that they were talking business.

What business? Why the planned reboot of the classic horror movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street” that Bay’s Platinum Dunes is producing is the best guess. Could this mean Rosenbaum is slipping on the sharp claws that Robert Englund made famous? (trivia: Englund and Rosenbaum starred together in 1998’s “Urban Legend”).

Even the site admits the casting “is all wild conjecture” but “Bay and Rosenbaum are definitely up to something”.

A voice for “Transformers 2” is another guess.