‘Fright’ Director Talks “Prejudice and Zombies”

“Fright Night” director Craig Gillespie is already out talking up his next project, the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” reports The Los Angeles Times.

The filmmaker says they just finished the script and they’re “starting to talk to task. So we’ll see what happens.” Asked about the tone, Gillespie says they’re going for something less satirical than many are expecting – “it’s a little more serious than ‘Fright Night.’ it’s staying incredibly true to Jane Austen and the humor that you get from Jane Austen and the dynamic of this society and the humor and insight that comes from the situations that she wrote about. And then you also get the horror of zombies.”

In fact we can expect to see some class warfare amidst the undead carnage – “The people in Austen’s books are kind of like zombies. No matter what’s going on around them in the world, they live in this bubble of privilege. The same thing is true of the people in this book, although it’s much more absurd … subconsciously, Austen was writing a horror novel and didn’t know it. People taking these strolls, riding their carriages to and fro[m]… . There are so many opportunities there – for zombie attacks.”