Friday the 13th Reboot Has Two Killers

There’s been numerous rumors in regards to the second reboot of the “Friday the 13th” franchise at Paramount Pictures.

Originally slated to open last year, the production has been troubled and reset several times – to the point that film hasn’t begun yet. However, there is at least one script going around and producer Brad Fuller recently told iHorror that the iconic Jason Voorhees will not be the only killer in a film which sports a whole new origin story…sort of:

“Origin isn’t really the right word for this movie. The word Origin got out and everyone’s calling it an origin film now, but that isn’t exactly the direction we’re taking. It’s more of an alternate world that we’re creating for Jason – an alternate space, alternate reality – in this film.

Yes, Pamela [Jason’s mother] and Jason are together in this film, but this is the same Jason we all know and love. He’s Jason; he kills – he kills teenagers. We went down the origin route with the second Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, and I think when you go to deep into a character’s origin, the character stops being scary at some point. I’m not worried about demystifying Jason by revealing parts of his back story, which most of the fans are familiar with.”

There have also been reports that Jason’s father, Elias Voorhees, would be featured but a decision on that hasn’t been locked yet:

“No, we haven’t decided whether or not Elias will appear in the film. Again, that was a comment I made, which was a response to a question about whether or not Elias would be a part of this film. I said that including Jason’s father was an idea, a possibility, but it’s not at all a certainty that he’ll appear in the film. The main relationship is between Pamela and Jason.”

The story is expected to be set in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Fuller confirms there’s no chance of them being able to reach their currently targeted January 13th 2017 release.