“Friday the 13th” Game Is Too Popular

An often automatic assumption is that video game companies are all alike. They’re either a massive studio with dozens of employees or just one or two guys in a bedroom somewhere.

Many though are just small-medium organisations, such as Colorado-based indie game developer Illfonic. Thus it wasn’t a huge surprise when the multiplayer-only portion of the crowd-funded “Friday The 13th: The Game” was launched this week and ran into some connectivity and stability issues.

Illfonic announced on their official Twitter account that their servers were getting hammered from everyone who wanted to log on and play the game during its launch this weekend. This resulted in a data failure for a lot of gamers. Gamespot adds that the Steam forums and Reddit have been flooded with feedback from people who had problems either activating or getting into the game.

The company is said to have been working around the clock to fix the issues and are purchasing more servers to handle the amount of traffic they’re receiving from gamers interested in playing. A full breakdown of the problems and updates on the fixes are up at Kickstarter.com.

Unlike most games which go the traditional marketing campaign route, this one relied entirely upon word of mouth and viral videos, along with the reputation of the iconic 1980s slash film brand. Turns out more people were interested than they anticipated.

The multiplayer-only part of the game is now out on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The single player campaign is due later this year. In related news, the official Twitter account for fellow horror film franchise “Child’s Play” recently conducted a poll which suggests the possibility of a video game based on that series.