Fresh Meat, “Peep Show” Films Planned

A film version of the UK Channel 4 student sitcom “Fresh Meat” is in the works.

Co-creators Bain and Jesse Armstrong, who also co-wrote acclaimed feature comedy “Four Lions,” revealed details at an industry event in London this week, telling press:

“We have been having chats about a Fresh Meat film and we’re working on a couple of ideas> The challenge with a film – and we’re wrestling with this at the moment so we don’t have any answers – is that you want it to be bigger but you also don’t want to destroy the essence of the show you’ve created.

The Inbetweeners and In the Loop are good examples of characters going on holiday so that is one option we’re looking at. But we don’t want it to feel like they’ve stopped being the characters from Fresh Meat so it’s a difficult balance to get right”

The third season of the show is currently in production ahead of airing later this year. Comedian Jack Whitehall is the standout on the show which includes a solid cast such as Zawe Ashton, Greg McHugh, Kimberley Nixon, Charlotte Ritchie and Joe Thomas.

There’s also talk that a “Peep Show” film is in the works. A spokesperson for Objective Productions, who produce both series, says:

“Plans for a movie version of Fresh Meat are under discussion but they’re still at a very early stage. Peep Show has already been commissioned for a ninth Channel 4 series so currently any suggestion of a movie is purely speculative. But it’s possible both projects could come to fruition sometime in the future, in which case we would be delighted.”

Source: Screen Daily