Freeman Talks Prepping For Bilbo Baggins

Martin Freeman talked to recently about his schedule for “The Hobbit” and even how his casting came about.

Firstly his commitment to shoot the second season of the BBC’s “Sherlock” has been accounted for – “I start in January, then I’ll have a break in the summer so I can shoot the second season of Sherlock, the BBC show where I portray Watson, and then I’ll be back in New Zealand in September in order to finish the movie by the end of the year.”

Freeman, who wasn’t a fan of Tolkien until recently, says he’s “ready to be Bilbo” and has already tried on some of the make-up – “A couple of weeks ago, I tried Bilbo’s hairy feet on for the first time, and also the ears, although mine are big enough already, and the hair too. Moreover, they made molds out of those parts of my body since I’m going to be using prosthetics for many months. How did I look? Really different…”

For further details, including when he found out he was playing Bilbo, click here.