Freeman Skips “Hobbit” Due To “Sherlock”

Beloved British actor Martin Freeman (“The Office (UK),” “Love Actually”) is rumoured to have turned down a formal offer to play Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming “The Hobbit” films reports The Sun.

Freeman played Dr. John Watson in the recent critically acclaimed BBC series “Sherlock”, a contemporary re-imagining of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes stories produced by Steven Moffat (“Doctor Who”) and Mark Gatiss (“The League of Gentlemen”). Freeman had already signed on for the second season of the show which begins a twenty-week shoot early next year, however a proper offer for ‘Hobbit’ apparently only just came through.

A source for the tabloid says “It was one of the most difficult decisions of his career. MGM, who are making the film, only got a formal offer over in the last couple of weeks. It was too late for Martin because he had already signed up for another series of Sherlock. It was agonising but he had no other choice.”

Of course much of this sounds like a load of hot air, the film itself remains very much in limbo until the MGM issue is sorted out and production dates are settled on, something still a while off it would seem.