Freeman, McClure Visit A “Svengali”

Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit,” “Sherlock”), Vicky McClure (“This Is England”) and Michael Smiley (“Kill List”) have all scored roles in a feature comedy adaptation of the hit Youtube series “Svengali” for Root Films says Screen Daily.

The story follows a Welshman (Jonny Owen) who travels to London to fulfill his dream of becoming the manager of the world’s coolest band.

Owen and co-writer Dean Cavanagh produced nine ‘webisodes’ in the series which used real-life rock stars and music business personalities along with some familiar British actors like Jodie Whittaker (“Attack the Block”), Sean Harris (“The Borgias”) and Matt Berry (“The IT Crowd”).

Freeman previously appeared in the online shorts and will reprise his role in a cameo which he’ll shoot between his “Hobbit” filming commitments in New Zealand.

John Hardwick makes his directorial debut on the project which begins a six-week shoot in London next week.