Freema NOT Leaving Doctor Who

The Sun released an article on Friday saying that solid sources told them that Freema Agyeman, who plays the new companion Martha Jones on “Doctor Who” this season, was to be ‘lost in time’ at the end of the season due to dissatisfaction with her work from studio chiefs.

The news seemed unlikely as Agyeman has received acclaim for her work from all quarters so far, yet the paper was one of the first to report on former companion Billie Piper’s departure at the end of last season – and the casting of John Simm as the villanous Mr. Saxon in the finale of this season. The article also reiterated its long running claims that title star David Tennant would be leaving partway through next season.

The following day however the BBC shot down the talk, telling the star’s official site that “It is absolute rubbish that Freema Agyeman has been axed or sacked from Doctor Who. However we do not comment on future storylines.””

The site added that “showrunner Russell T. Davies has said in past interviews that he has yet to plan the winter Christmas special nor Season Four, and also that there is no one high enough in the BBC chain that would know of any such decisions that would speak on condition of anonymity.”